Daily Routine Example Sentences

For beginners, this is one of the easiest ways to improve your spoken English. If you try to speak  all of your day-to-day activities in the English language, from when you get up in the morning to go to bed at night, you can simply step your spoken English without any trouble. These are called daily routine sentences, which are simple present sentences.

I get up.
I go to bathroom.
I brush my teeth.
I have a bath.
I take a shower.
I comb my hair.
I get dressed.
I make breakfast.
I have breakfast.
I travel by bus.
I go to school.
I drive to work.
I go to work.
I start work at 9:00 am.
I have lunch.
I have afternoon tea.
I go home.
I change my clothes.
I have a rest.
I meet my friends.
I play football.
I go to gym.
I do exercise.
I boil water.
I prepare tea.
I have a cup of tea.
I help my mother.
I check my emails.
I worship. 
I listen to News.
I chill out on the sofa for while.
I watch television.
I cook dinner.
I feed the dog.
I have dinner.
I wash the dishes.
I take the rubbish out.
I do my homework.
I practice English at night.
I set the alarm.
I lock the door.
I turn off the lights.
I go to bed.
I dream about my bright future.

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